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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: Great Black Shark Double Billed Snapback (LessThenHats)

Less Then HatsHey guys welcome to Southern Belle Reviews. Today I have for you our first product review.  I received the Great Black Shark Double Billed Snapback for review from Less Then Hats.  First off shipping is very timely and does not take a long time to arrive to your house. So fast shipping.  Secondly, the hat itself is a pretty cool and unique design that you won't find anywhere else. The hat is black with two black slated eyes on the front.  The double bill creates the illusion of an open which is what makes these hats so cool and unique.  The hat when wearing it is very comfortable and it is also adjustable.  The only bad thing about it is that there are some excess fabric from the stitching that kinda hangs out in the front but it is an easy fix.  You can simply just fold it back into the hat and problem solved! Overall, I think this would be a very great buy, especially for all the hat fanatics. They not only sell adult sized hat but also kid sized hats so that kids will be able to enjoy the fun as well.  The hats come in many different colors such as black, blue, red, pink, purple, etc.... So, stop by Less Then Hats and check out some of the other hat designs that have.

                                                      Here is a picture of the hat I received: